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We love our friends in Ukraine

So many cultures have a potato pancake of sorts - they are so comforting and yummy. How wonderful that we can make the version from Ukraine, share with friends, and send our love to those struggling in Ukraine. I wish we could send some to them!

Take 5 medium size potatoes and grate them. I like to keep the skins on for maximum nutrition, but many like to remove. I also like to do a rough grate, as opposed to fine grate….but feel free to do either. I like to taste the texture of the potato:)

Add to the grated potatoes, one grated onion

Add a vegan egg (made from 1 T flaxmeal and 3 T water - let sit for 15 min).

Add 3 Tbsp of garbanzo bean flour or your favorite gluten free flour

Add 1 Tbsp of CoCoFir and salt and pepper to taste

Mix together. Warm to medium high, 1-2 T avocado, coconut or olive oil and grill until golden brown on your favorite cast iron pan. I recommend that you avoid canola, corn, soy or any seed oils. These are highly processed, polyunsaturated fats cause inflammation and are not good for you.

Close your eyes as you taste the goodness and say a prayer for our friends in Ukraine.

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