“I am obsessed with muun chi kefir.  There’s nothing like it anywhere. It’s light and fluffy and tart.  I love it!”


We have some exciting developments in our home market of Los Angeles.  In order to put our energy into them while continuing to serve our local customers, we have suspended online sales as of May 1, 2021. 


If you are local to LA, please contact us at info@muunchi.com.  We look forward to serving online orders beyond LA again later in the year.  Please check for updates.


muun chi’s probiotic CoCoFir, Kvass and CoCoFir Fauxmage, and prebiotic snacks and teas, are designed to enhance the gut’s microbiome and target critical areas of well-being, including immunity, energy, brain function, heart health, movement, radiance, and calm.