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"I was immensely relieved and joyful to see your packaging! For years I have tried to avoid plastic or non-reusable containers, muun chi jars being reused in my pantry."



less waste, happy earth!

At muun chi we are committed to being as kind as possible to the Earth that sustains us.  We are an enthusiastic participant in the movement to bring about a more environmentally sustainable food system.


There is alarming waste in our current food system.  According to ReFED, Americans send 52 million tons of food to landfills annually.  Another 10 million tons is discarded or left unharvested on farms.  Single-use packaging is another source of inefficiency in our food system.  We cannot continue to burden our precious Earth with an increasing load of our throw-aways.


Nothing excites us more than finding ways to turn what some call “waste” into ingredients for delicious, nutritious foods.  There is so much potential for upcycling the by-products of various food production processes.  We are in the early phase of this exciting effort to create a more circular food system.


muun chi’s products take advantage of upcycling whenever possible.  We are so grateful to our collaborating organic juicers and nut milkers for providing us with the fiber-rich pulp that supports our probiotic beverages and cheeses and prebiotic snacks.  Like other upcycling entrepreneurs, we are energized by the creative challenge of converting “waste” to productive resource.  We are also driven to pursue reusable packaging as much as possible.  We imagine a future where customers return to us the containers in which they receive muun chi products so that we can use them again.  It’s already happening. 


We are excited to love our precious Earth through both upcycling and reusable packaging.   

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