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"When I eat muun chi, I feel like I'm doing something good for my body.  My sugar cravings have stopped, and that's never happened before.  I feel like a new person."


At muun chi we believe that food is medicine for the body.  When we fuel our bodies with fresh, real, unprocessed foods that Nature produces, we support our health and well-being.


Much of the food we eat contains sweeteners and preservatives to lengthen its life before you consume it.  Processed foods are also produced in conditions that add chemicals and toxins and hormones that are unnatural and therefore difficult for your body to process.  As these foreign substances build up, they can lead to disease and chronic conditions, including chronic pain.  I know.  By changing my diet, I learned that processed sugar was the main cause of a painful sciatic condition.  When I eliminated foods that contained refined sugar, the pain disappeared.


muun chi’s beverages and snacks are made solely from 100% organic, real food ingredients.  We make foods that give you functional health benefits.  No processed ingredients.  No ingredients that can cause the body to have an inflammatory reaction, such as grains or dairy or refined sugar.  The one exception is the maple syrup that we add to our granola because we recognize that some are still transitioning to a diet free of refined cane sugar.


We focus on the gut which we are learning is so important to overall health.  Often referred to as the second brain, the gut functions best with billions and billions of diverse, active bacteria.  muun chi’s probiotic beverages and cheeses contribute good bacteria to the gut, while our fiber-rich prebiotic snacks provide those bacteria with the food they need to thrive.  Healthy gut, healthy you!       

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