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PUREPressedJuice was our first source of fiber-rich pulp for upcycling, and we will be forever grateful for its willingness to start this journey with us.  We began our collaboration in May 2019, and since then, the company has enthusiastically welcomed our pick-ups multiple times each week.  Together we have rescued 1,194 lbs of pulp over the course of nearly a year.  Located in West Los Angeles, PUREPressed Juice &Vitamins offers a variety of vibrantly colored juices that are made fresh daily on site by cold-pressing fruits and vegetables through a hydraulic press.


LAPress became our second upcycling partner in March 2020.  Having access to its pulp has been a great help to munn chi's growing business.  The partnership has also allowed us to sink deeper roots in the South Bay where we have a growing base of customers.  We work with the company's store in Marina del Rey which serves fresh, certified organic, cold-pressed juices; superfood smoothies; organic shots and cleanses; direct trade coffee; and organic, vegan-friendly foods.  

collaborate with us

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with others who share muun chi’s mission.  Collaboration gives us fresh ideas and helps us to imagine new possibilities.  We love being part of a growing community of people who are linking food more directly to personal health and simultaneously reducing the impact that food production has on our beloved Earth.


If you are a retailer or other distributor, or a manager of a farmers market, and would like to consider offering muun chi’s products to your customers, we would be happy to talk with you.  Currently, we have relationships with a small number of distributors, including a vegan meal delivery service, and we offer our products in one farmers market (soon to be two).


We are always open to new sources of the fiber-rich pulp and peels that we upcycle into muun chi’s probiotics and prebiotics.  At present we partner with two terrific organic juicers and nut milkers in the Los Angeles area.  If you have organic pulp that you would like to see upcycled rather than discarded, please be in touch with us.


Given that our focus is the microbiome of the gut and the important role that the gut plays in personal health, we have a keen interest in research on the quality and effectiveness of various probiotics and prebiotics.  If you are a researcher and think we might be able to make a useful contribution to your work, we would welcome a conversation.


Let us know if there are other ways that we might partner with you.  Please be in touch with us at

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