At muun chi we collaborate with others to love our Earth as best we can.


At   muun chi   we are committed to reducing food waste and maximizing nutrition.  Along with local organic juicers such as Pure Pressed Juice and Vitamins, we use as much of the fruit and vegetable as possible. There's a ton of nutrition and fiber in the peels of our bananas, oranges and lemons, the skins of our nuts, cores of our pineapple and stems of our kale, and yet we typically treat these parts as waste. 


At muun chi we value these nutritious parts in our food and are grateful to our local organic juicers who partner with us to reduce food waste. 

Pure Pressed Juice & Vitamins  is located in West Los Angeles and offers a variety of vibrantly colored juices that are made fresh daily on site by cold-pressing fruits and vegetables through a hydraulic press.  The cold-pressed process preserves raw vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.  Each juice contains between two and five pounds of fresh organic produce, delivering a concentrated amount of vital nutrients.  Pure Pressed also offers smoothies, acai bowls, almond milks, shots, and cleanses.  For additional information, please visit

Finally, our words of wisdom and humor, included in each of our teas, from our seniors and our children, from all parts of the world, remind our consumers of the value of connection and to take the time to revere and honor our relationships, the source of our ultimate health.   

PUREPressedJuice was our first source of fiber-rich pulp for upcycling, and we will be forever grateful for its willingness to start this journey with us.  We began our collaboration in May 2019, and since then, the company has enthusiastically welcomed our pick-ups multiple times each week.  Together we have rescued 1,194 lbs of pulp over the course of nearly a year.  Located in West Los Angeles, PUREPressed Juice &Vitamins offers a variety of vibrantly colored juices that are made fresh daily on site by cold-pressing fruits and vegetables through a hydraulic press.

LAPress became our second upcycling partner in March 2020.  Having access to its pulp has been a great help to munn chi's growing business.  The partnership has also allowed us to sink deeper roots in the South Bay where we have a growing base of customers.  We work with the company's store in Marina del Rey which serves fresh, certified organic, cold-pressed juices; superfood smoothies; organic shots and cleanses; direct trade coffee; and organic, vegan-friendly foods.  

At muun chi, we care.  We want to see a day where everyone can afford to eat organic, and where every child can pick up a piece of food and know its function.  We would love to see a world that eats real  foods that aren't processed and are chemical and hormone free. 


A portion of our proceeds are given to and We believe in education and affordability.

Together, we can make a difference in our health and the wellness of our Earth. 


Our children, and our children's children deserve a happy, vibrant home.


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