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Summer Mint Pesto

When I was planting my garden, my best friend warned me - your mint is going to go crazy. He was right! It’s going crazy, so I’m finding all kinds of uses for it! Thank goodness I love mint! Combined with its health benefits and taste, it’s one of my favorite herbs. Mint has amazing stomach calming properties and smelling it will open your nasal passages and help with mental alertness. My parsley has also been prolific. Parsley has a lot of vitamin C and is supportve of our skin’s collagen structure. When using your fresh herbs, I like to make sure I dry them after washing.

1 c fresh mint leaves

1 c fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves

4 garlic cloves

1/2 c extra virgin olive oil

1/3 c CoCoFir

1/4 c almonds

salt and pepper to taste

I like to put the mint, parsley and garlic cloves in a food process, and do a rough chop. Then with the motor running, I slowly pour the olive oil.

Add the almonds and the CoCoFir and purée until smooth. Salt and pepper as you like.

I love to serve this pesto spread on my Bites, or in a pasta dish with fresh tomatoes - a great summer dish that can be served chilled. It’s packed with those great microorganisms and the smell of a summer garden.

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