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Mango Mania

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Mango season is about to come to an end, officially at the end of this month. It‘s nice that we have access to frozen organic mangoes that are just as divine and nutritious as the fresh organic ones. This recipe is SUPER easy if you use the frozen ones. The mango as so good for your immune system, eye health and digestion.

This recipe was inspired by my sweet friend Sara, with whom I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening listening to Yo-Yo Ma perform his magic! WOW! It was an night I will never forget! Her parents, Matt and Linda, invited me to share their box at the Hollywood Bowl. My heart was filled with joy listening to Yo-Yo Ma share his love with the world. It’s so nice to fill your heart with the joy of another. I’m sure I wasn’t alone as our tears flowed.

3 c. chopped mango, frozen is easiest

1/2 c muun chi CoCoFir

(a touch of maple syrup or honey if you want it sweeter, or even a little fresh orange juice)

I love mine tart. Put these two ingredients in your vitamix or blender. Mix til creamy. If using mango that is not frozen, you’ll want to put this mixture in a parchment lined bread pan and serve when it is semi soft and cold.

Serve immediately with a sprig of fresh mint.

Ahhhh, another simple dessert that just adds more microorganisms to enhance your happy gut, with zero refined sugar. Thank you Sara!

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