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Little Nuggets of Cacao Kisses

I love sharing my food and hearing people smile. Yes, I said hearing people smile. Because when there is a food that is so yummy, you smile and can't help but "yum" at the same time, that's when you feel you're being kissed. I believe good food has the ability to elicit a "yum smile" and taste like a good long kiss:)

These are the easiest little desserts to make and so good for you. Some would argue the health benefits because the jury is still out on coconut oil . Some say it is a good saturated oil, along side the avocado and olive oils, others vilify it. I like the MCT content (medium chin triglycerides) and I love that it is antibacterial and antifungal - look for extra virgin cold pressed and avoid the refined ones. Our brains need good saturated oils.

1/3 c cold pressed coconut oil

1/3 c raw cacao

1/3 c raw honey or maple syrup (or a blend)

1 T muun chi CoCoFir original

Splash of vanilla or cinnamon

1/3 c creamy almond butter

Melt the first four ingredients gently over low heat.

Pour mixture into small candy silicone molds, using half the mixture.

Dollop each with the almond butter, then pour the rest of the cacao liquid on top of each mold.

Place in the freezer and serve cold. These will melt in warm temps. Serve and listen to the smiles!

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