In season Fresh is the Best Strawberry Salsa

Happy Father’s Day! Blessings to all those amazing fathers out there and thank you for all the loving lessons. I spent the day with my dad and daughter, Riki, yesterday. There’s nothing better than family love. Recently my dad’s been losing interest in eating. I made him his favorite mushroom soup and then a salsa topped salmon. He perked up a bit.

This is a easy salsa that is a twist on your traditional salsa. Remember when the pineapple salsa was introduced - you got the combination of sweet with the salty? This is a twist using those fresh strawberries that we’re seeing at the Farmers Markets in honor of our summer solstice.

1. Dice about a half pound of strawberries - this should give you about a cup.

cup diced strawberries (a little more than a half pound of strawberries)

2. Dice up two ripe mangoes, also in season! - this should give you also about a cup.

3. Dice up 1 or two medium ripe avocados.

4. Seed and dice a jalapeno, add this to finely diced red onion (about 2 or 3 T)

5. Gently toss these ingredients with one diced tomato and

2 T muun chi CoCoFir

3 T roughly chopped cilantro

Add a little salt and a fresh squeezed lime

I love to eat this topped on bean burgers, on a bed of spinach, or as a dip with muun chi bites. It’s so refreshing and kinda decadent all at the same time.

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