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Holiday Beet Salad

Merry merry !!! This dish looked so beautiful on our holiday table! It is basically beet root with dill and our cocofir. Chih, my youngest, has fallen in love with the most wonderful woman from law school. We adore Danuta!! She made is this perfectly wonderful salad. I've added some cocofir to make it a probiotic and prebiotic heavenly delight.

Thank you for sharing Danuta!! Your dish was the hit of the party!

Boil 5 beets - takes about 45 min. Peel after boiling and it's easier. I, of course, like to leave the peels on.

Chop into 1/2 " cubes

1/2 cup muun chi Cocofir

1/2 tsp celery seed

1/2 cup chopped onion

fresh cracked black pepper

4 green onions chopped into thin slices using the green and white parts

3 T olive oil

3 T classical Kvass

Mix your chopped beet roots with the above ingredients and garnish with

1/4 cup fresh chopped dill fronds

Serve cold and listen to the sighs of yumminess.

Holiday bliss that is good for the gut and so good for your heart!! Sending so much love!!!

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