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Delightful dressing with CoCoFir and Kvass

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The air was crisp and cold, and you could just feel the love in the air! It was mother nature’s way of sharing her joy beginning with the biggest, orange sun gracing our clear skies. I took a long walk with my dog Danny and our hearts were just filled with gratitude and love with all the blessings that were surrounding us. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and you were able to share your love with your special someone, or anyone who needed a little love!

I felt like making a salad at the end of the day with a dressing I think you will enjoy. It’s simple and filled with probiotics.

2 medium carrots chopped in chunks that will be pureed

1 inch long fresh ginger, sliced for a puree

1/4 c muun chi CoCoFir

1/8 c muun chi Kvass

1/8 c rice vinegar

3 T yellow or white miso

Pink Himalayan salt

Put the liquids with the miso into a blender, add the carrots and ginger and puree til the consistency of apple sauce.

You may use this dressing on any salad or use as a marinade or dip. It is refreshing and delightful.

Tonight I put it on my spinach salad which was a mix of:

Baby spinach leaves

matchstick carrots


unsweetened cranberries

grape tomatoes

avocado chunks


Sprinkle with a blend of

hemp seed, sesame seed and sunflower seed

Enjoy! And be ready to hear your gut sing!

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