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Happy Lunar New Year Noodles

My kids love these noodles. Every lunar new year we make them in honor of longevity. It's such a wonderful way to include the kids in the dinner preparation. I love listening to them talk about how food comes from real plants and seeing their fingers touch the veggies.

I make my noodles with zucchini but feel free to use a soba or other family favorite. If you do get a zoodles machine (or spiralizer), kids love turning the crank and watching a zucchini transform into long strands of noodles!


If time is limited you may use

1 c muun chi Almond Butter Dressing

Or you may choose ro make your own:

6 cloves of garlic (more if you want it spicy)

2 T coconut aminos

1/2 c dates

1 c CoCoFir

1 T Sweet Immunity - Spicy

2 T almond butter

Blend in a high speed blender til smooth and creamy.

1 c slivered cucumber or peppers if your choice

4 stalks scallions sliced at an angle

1 c bean sprouts

Toss your veggies with the zoodles and serve with the sauce. You may choose to add hot chili if you like life to be spicier! Happy happy new year!! Here's to a long healthy life!!

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