HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!! We’re heading to Spain for a little Sangria!!

Updated: May 12, 2021

To all the wonderful mothers in this world - Happy Happy Mother’s Day!!! What a beautiful day to honor and appreciate all the people who mother in our lives, and to think especially about our dear Mother Earth! She loves us unconditionally and continues to provide us with plants that heal us. I hope one day we will all be able to respect her as she so deserves by not polluting her, and filling her with garbage.

As we make our way around the world, I’m so happy to report that I had a couple of families stop by my booth in Marina del Rey, excited that I was offering Kvass! They were from Russia, and they were thrilled to see that my Kvass did not have any sugar! The father of one of the families shared that his grandmother would drink her Kvass everyday, and introduced it to him when it wasn’t the thing to put sugar in it. He said he missed it. He also shared that she looked and acted 25 years younger than her age, and passed away at a nice age of 94. I wonder if we all shouldn’t be drinking Kvass and resetting our livers daily.

Try this mocktail recipe as a way of getting the functional benefits of the kvass without the enticement of refined sugars. I like to use my Vitamix and leave the pulp in it for a thicker version of a Sangria, but feel free to strain it through a nut bag if you prefer to have it more like a sparkling wine. Chill for a couple of hours before serving. It’s so refreshing and yummy that the kids will be asking for some too! The great thing is that it has a ton of wonderful microorganisms and no refined sugar whatsoever!

  • 4 cups of muun chi jazz or classical kvass

  • 4 cups fresh sliced strawberries

  • 1 cup blackberries

  • 2 kiwi

  • 3 dates (pits removed)

  • 1x 500 ml bottle sparkling water

WE love you MOTHERS!!! and an extra shout out to our precious MOTHER EARTH!!!

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