Strawberry CoCoFir shake

Updated: Mar 29

I just love getting to know the other vendors at the farmers markets! Harry of Harry’s Berries In Hermosa Beach’s Farmers Market offers the most incredible organic strawberries, grown in the town where my daughter, Riki and her husband, Scott were married - lovely Oxnard, California. Buying local and organic means good for the gut! Harry’s strawberries are not big, rather small, juicy and a deep red... and the smell is like no other strawberry! Nature’s divine sweet goodness. The recipe that I’m sharing today doesn’t get any simpler.

Strawberry muun chi CoCoFir

4-6 organic strawberries

1/2 c. muun chi CoCoFir

Put these ingredients into your ninja or food processor. Blend for 30 seconds.

Smell the natural sweetness of the real strawberries. Taking the time to smell gets your digestive juices going which is the start of your digestion’s process. This is key to the prevention of acid reflux or indigestion. As you take the time to smell, your acidic juices in your tummy begin to prepare for your food. You may even want to make the motion of chewing to add to this process. “Chew your juice” - have you heard this expression? Now that so many people are juicing, they’re missing the act of chewing, which may be contributing to an increase in cases of heartburn. Instead of masking heartburn by blocking with drugs, taking probiotics and including smelling and chewing as part of the process of eating, allows you to take preventative measures and to go to the source of the problem, letting your microorganisms do the work they were intended to do - getting you in balance and taking charge of healing you.

This strawberry concoction is a shake that is thick and packed with those microorganisms that will have your gut singing. Sip slowly and you will find that you do not need a lot. In fact, you will find yourself getting full quite easily. Listening to your gut means becoming aware of when your gut feels full, and the dopamine part of your brain is no longer telling you that you need more - which means usually around 1/2 to 3/4 of what you usually ingest.

When you let your body do the healing, it knows how to find the perfect balance. Keep resupplying your gut with good probiotics and you may find you won’t be having any heartburn at all - healing without any drugs, instead of masking with drugs.

Pain is your gut’s way of telling you something is off balance. Now you can take charge of your own health! Yay!

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