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Easy Lemon Pasta

I got back from a busy day at the market and felt like a nice easy dish that was packed with nutrition. I had sold out of my lemon chia turmeric pudding but I had the taster in my cooler. I boiled a pot of lentil pasta, chopped up some veggies, threw the pudding on the pasta and voila!…. Yummmmm delish and i had myself a summer pasta dish that was packed with probiotics and prebiotics!!!

1 c muun chi lemon chia turmeric pudding

1 box of your favorite gluten free one or spiralize a zucchini

1 c cherry tomatoes - halved

1 c sliced mushrooms - sautéed with 1 clove garlic crushed

1/2 c chopped mint

Prepare your pasta or zoodles and veggies. Combine all the ingredients once you have drained your pasts. Serve warm or cold. With sprigs of fresh mint.

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