"come on now, eat your cheese - it's good for you!" [CoCoFir Fauxmage]

Updated: Mar 29

You probably never heard your mom tell you this, and certainly not your inner voice that reminds you how you feel after you eat certain foods - "don't eat that cheese, you always feel bloated and uncomfortable afterwards."

The truth is, many of us struggle with inflammation and gas after eating cheese made from dairy. muun chi CoCoFir Fauxmage is nondairy and packed with herbs and spices that support your immune system. Thyme is a great antioxidant and aids digestion; cilantro is a wonderful detoxifying, antibacterial and immune-boosting herb; rosemary is a delicious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. All these herbs enhance the yumminess of muun chi CoCoFir Fauxmage - Scallion, which is a probiotic, packed with millions of good microorganisms that will support your overall health. Our other Fauxmage, Turmeric, is packed with spices such as turmeric, which helps relieve arthritic pain, and fights free-radical damage and ginger, which is so good for digestion and reducing inflammation.

So when your inner voice is telling you to eat muun chi Kefir Cheese cuz it tastes so good, go ahead and listen. Your gut and taste buds, will say 'thank you'!

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