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Beetchi Creamy Probiotic Dressing

Sometimes we need to make life easier….Here’s the dressing that one of our newest member to the muun chi community share with me. It‘s such a wonderful addition to your probiotic options.

1 part Beetchi

1 part CoCoFir

any spices or herbs that suit you

a date or two if you would like it sweeter

Put all your ingredients in a blender and serve! If you want to go with the flavors from India, add some curry or turmeric and black pepper. If you want to go with the Asian kick, add some chili peppers and tahini. I love how creative Michelle was with this one, and how versatile it is. I use it like my beetchi - on everything and on the side of every dish….it’s great! Thank you Michelle!~~Our guts just got happier!

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