A Sonny CoCoFir Ice Pop

Now that my 7 month old grand baby is teething, we’re always looking for ways to soothe his gums. Since he loves muun chi CoCoFir, we decided to freeze it. Add some fruit, and you have a wonderful little summer treat.

1 cup fresh organic blueberries

1/2 cup fresh organic strawberries

1 cup CoCoFir

Mash your fruit with a fork or a potato masher.

Add your crushed fruit to the CoCoFir.

Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold, or you use paper cups if you don’t have a mold. Stick a wooden popsicle stick or tasting spoon in the middle of the mix.

Let sit in the freezer for at least 60 minutes. Loosen from the ice pop mold by running it under warm water. Enjoy this simple treat any time of the day or night. Kkkk

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