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Lemony Probiotic/Prebiotic Pesto

Hello deliciousness! I love this pesto. It is so versatile and packed with all kinds of gut-loving goodness.

I hope you'll find it as yummy as I do. Get creative and try spreading and using it instead of butter. Your gut will be so happy and your tastebuds so alive! I started making this pesto when I realized how popular our lemon chia pudding was. People love lemon!!! And because we are using the whole lemon - pulp, peel, membranes, juice - everything minus the seeds - we are benefitting from the polyphenols, the fiber and all the Vitamin C.

2 c lemon chia pudding

1 c fresh basil

5 cloves garlic (more if you desire or are trying to fight off a cold)

1/2 tsp Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp fresh crushed black pepper

1/2 c cold pressed virgin olive oil

1/2 c toasted walnuts or your favorite Brazil nut

1 c. Vegan Parmesan ( 1 c. crushed cashews, 3 T nutritional yeast, 2 T parsley, salt and pepper)

Mix the walnuts, olive oil, pepper, garlic and lemon pudding in a food processor.

Add the fresh herbs and pulse

Finally add the vegan Parmesan cheese and gently pulse til ingredients are combined.

I use this probiotic/prebiotic pesto to strengthen my gut lining. I love knowing that my microbes are making short chain fatty acids like butyrate and that I'm preventing the possibility of a leaky gut. I'm also boosting my immune system and who doesn't need that these days? Enjoy on your favorite pasta, rice or whole-grain bread.

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