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Easy Flaxseed Wrap

I’ve been working on a wrap that is good for the gut. As many of you know the wraps that are made from white flour are just not good for our sugar levels and contain wheat that is harming the gut lining. These wraps are not only yummy but they are packed with fiber and nutrients that will have you making them every week. Flax is packed with lignans which fight cancer, they have high levels of omega-3’s and ALA and help reduce cholesterol and are super for the heart, weight and gut bugs!

1 cup boiling water

1 1/2 c ground flax

1 T nutritional yeast

2 T muun chi CoCoFir

Optional 1/4 c ground cauliflower or broccoli, walnuts or chia seeds

In a saucepan, boil your water, add the ground flax and nutritional yeast. Stir for about 1 minute, add the cocofir before the mixture forms a ball. Once a ball, divide into four sections and roll each section into a round ball. Flatten each ball between two pieces of parchment or if you have a tortilla press that works well too.

In a pan or flat grill, lightly grease with avocado or coconut oil. Brown these flattened pancakes til a nice golden color. You may use these as your sandwich wraps, burrito wraps or stuff them like a taco with your favorite fillings. Enjoy these any time of the day and go ahead and get creative while your gut sings!

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