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Honoring my father

This was the first weekend in a long time that I didn’t go and visit my dad. Our favorite thing to do as his health declined was to sit and talk in his tiny courtyard. He lost his ability to say full sentences, but it was my opportunity to practice reflective listening. I would listen to the words he could mutter and make sentences for him. When I got it right, he would nod his head and smile.

Every morning and late afternoon he would request to eat his CoCoFir with Upsli sprinkled on top. Our routine was to poor his Kvass into each of our shot glasses. We would say a cheer, clink glasses and then he would sip his “wine” while munching on his favorite CoCoFir. Do you have any idea how wonderful it felt to have your dad enjoy the food you created? It warmed my heart every single time, especially since he was a very picky eater.

“I love it and it’s the only thing that keeps me regular!”, he would tell me.

In honor of my dad, I’d like to share his favorite and last meal. If you have time this week, clink your glass of kvass with a friend, and say “to chih!”

recipe for love and a nice poop:

1/4 c CoCoFir

2 T Upsli

with a shot glass of Kvass to sip on the side!!

To chih!! Thank you for being the wonderful father who taught me to love music and art, and good food. Your love of the great outdoors and animals, taught me about the miracles of nature and its power to heal. I am forever grateful. I will miss you so much!! I know you’re dancing with mommy now and that makes me super happy. Love you daddy!!

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So beautiful, Manette ❤️ Thinking of you and wishing you love and peace ❤️

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