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Bone and Muscle Stirfry

Saturday morning I woke with a kink in my neck. I think it may be from trying to learn to play golf without proper instruction:( It also could be my body telling me that I need more Vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D impact the body's ability to absorb calcium and could also impact my muscle strength.

Mushrooms, especially the portocini and the shiitake,

are particularly good at absorbing Vitamin D from the sun- just set them out in the sun for 15 minutes and the level of Vitamin D increases significantly.

2 c sliced mushrooms

2 c broccoli chopped into florets and stalk thinly sliced

1 c sliced tempeh or tofu

1/2 c muun chi almond butter dressing

3 T muun chi Sweet Immunity

1 bunch scallions sliced

1/2 c sliced water chestnuts or celery if you prefer

3 T coconut aminos

2 T muun chi golden turmeric Kvass

1/2 c cashews

Rice that you cooked before now warmed again.

Put scallions, coconut aminos, Kvass, and Sweet Immunity in a dish to marinade the sliced tempeh.

Put the broccoli and the water chestnuts in a wok or large pan with 1/3 c water. Stir with a pinch of salt, put the lid on the wok and let the broccoli steam til a bright green and crunchy.

Remove the veggies from the wok and set aside.

Put. the mushrooms and the tempeh with the marinade in the wok. Stir til tender.

Add in the steamed broccoli and cashews with the almond butter sauce.

Serve with toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top over warmed rice.

A nice warm meal to boost the body's vitamin D and calcium levels, while bringing down inflammation. Hope this helps my neck!

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