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Add a little pink to your day

Happy glorious sunday! I guess after all the rains and winds, the air must be fairly clean - I can see for miles! The sunrise was filled with such vibrant colors, but the pink reminded me to make use of my beets that I had purchased at the farmers market stand yesterday.

For this dip/spread you will need:

1 cup walnuts

3/4 cup white cannellini beans

1/4 cup muun chi CoCoFir

1/2 cup raw or fermented red beet root

1 medjool dates - pitted

1 T classical kvass

salt and pepper to taste

Put all these ingredients in a blender and see the smiles as you serve it. You may choose to spread it on your favorite muun chi Bite, or on a tortilla or with slices of cucumber, celery or apple. Enjoy fresh real food, and hear your gut sing~

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