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Cocofir Dahl

Updated: Jun 3

There are many reasons to love a good Dahl. Lentils are actually good for the soil. They improve the quality of the soil by pulling precious nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil. They also do not require as much water to grow compared to other high protein sources.  For many, the lentil is easier to digest so it’s a great way to introduce a high protein pulse to a gut that may not be used to high fiber.

Sauté the following til potatoes are tender – about 10 min:,-

1 c chopped onion

1 c chopped celery

3 c chopped sweet potatoes

2 T Sweet Immunity

1 T garam masala

2 tsp cumin

1 c chopped roma tomato


Add to the sautéed veggies:

3 c veggie broth

1 1/4 c muun chi CoCoFir

1 c dried red lentils

2 c chopped spinach, kale or beet greens

Juice of a lemon

Simmer covered for 40 min or until is tender and thick.

Serve on your favorite rice or muun chi flatbread. Garnish with red pepper flakes, Sweet Immunity, chopped cilantro or muun chi muunkraut. Enjoy a Happy gut !

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