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Rainbow Beetchi

Rainbow Beetchi

A fermented probiotic with delightfully delicious diversity for your gut. It’s spicy and delicious and easy to eat on its own or added to your favorite salads and sandwiches. A great way to treat your gut to some wonderful beneficial bacteria.

  • Sizes

    4 oz for $5

    16 oz for $14

  • Ingredients

    All ingredients are organic.

    Fermented golden beetroot*, fermented beetroot*, fermented turmeric root*, fermented ginger root*, fermented apple*, fermented lemon rind*, coconut milk kefir whey*, bok choy, red cabbage, green cabbage, daikon radish, purple carrot, yellow carrot, white carrot, garlic, beet tops, pear, mango, white bean miso, Thai chili, kosher rock salt 

    *upcycled ingredient

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