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Cruci Beetchi

Cruci Beetchi


Our version of traditional Korean kimchi, with a few important differences. We include over a dozen different vegetables to provide a wealth of diversity for the gut microbiome.  We also use pear and mango instead of fish sauce. Many upcycled, previously fermented ingredients + several fiber-rich cruciferous vegetables recognized to have cancer-preventing benefits. Both probiotic and prebiotic for gut health.

  • Sizes

    Available at the store:

    16 oz for $15

    32 oz for $26

  • All ingredients are Organic

    Ingredients: fermented golden beetroot*, fermented beetroot*, fermented turmeric root*, fermented ginger root*, fermented apple and apple peel*, fermented lemon peel*, coconut milk kefir whey*, bok choy, red cabbage, green cabbage, daikon radish, purple carrot, yellow carrot, white carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, garlic, beet tops, pear, mango, white bean miso, chili, kosher rock salt 


    * Upcycled ingredient

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