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Lemon Turmeric Chia Pudding

Lemon Turmeric Chia Pudding


The base for all of our chia puddings is muun chi’s probiotic, non-dairy, fermented kefir made from coconut milk. The lemon version includes turmeric root, which is recognized to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The pudding’s ingredients provide fiber, protein, and omega-3s.

  • Recommended Amount

    2 tablespoons for the first few days as your microbiome adjusts to the new live beneficial bacteria. After that, as much as you like.

  • Sizes

    8 oz for $10

    16 oz for $18

  • All Ingredients are Organic

    Ingredients:  coconut milk with guar gum, live bacteria and yeast cultures from kefir grains, chia seed, turmeric root, lemon juice, lemon pulp, lemon peel, deglet date

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