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Jazz Beet Kefir Kvass

Jazz Beet Kefir Kvass


A modern version of an ancient Slavic tonic.  Live probiotic microbes in our coconut milk kefir whey ferment with microbes in beetroot and other plant ingredients to produce additional beneficial bacteria strains. Banana peel is a good source of potassium and magnesium and, along with orange and orange peel, provides polyphenols and antioxidant benefits. Fig-infused kefir water contributes additional digestive enzymes and a slight effervescence.


  • Sizes

    Available at the store:

    16 oz for $15.00

    32 oz for $26.00

  • All Ingredients are Organic

    Ingredients: Purified water, fig-infused kefir water, beetroot, banana peel*, orange*, orange peel*, ginger root, coconut milk kefir whey*


    * Upcycled ingredient

  • Recommended Amount

    2 oz shot per day is generally sufficient; more if you like. Many take our Jazz Kvass in the evening before bed for the benefit of the magnesium.

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