Jazz Beet Kefir Kvass

A modern version of an ancient Slavic drink that was believed to cleanse the liver and boost the immune system. Added ginger provides the perfect zing.


Enjoy a few sips every day in the morning or with muun chi bites and muun chi CoCoFir Fauxmage for a lovely wine and cheese moment.


We recommend just a couple of tablespoons per day for the first week as your microbiome adjusts to the live cultures.  After that, you can increase the portion size to your preference.


We are unable to ship this item outside of Los Angeles at this time. 

Jazz Beet Kefir Kvass

  • 200ml for $8.00

    375ml for $14.00

    32 oz for $26.00

  • Orange* and ginger infused kefir water, beetroot, coconut kefir whey*, ginger, orange peel, banana peel*. 

    *upcycled ingredient

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