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Magical Mango Parfait

Updated: Mar 2

As the weather warms, we begin to find different produce at the market. Mangos are some of my favorites and packed with all kinds of wonderful nutrients including tons of fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols.

2 c CoCoFir or silken tofu

2 c frozen or fresh mango

1 lemon with peel

1/4 c dates

Put all the ingredients in a blender.  Purée

smooth.  Place in your refrigerator overnight or at least 4 hours.


Strawberries, cut into bite size pieces

Kiwi, cut into bite size pieces

Pomegranate seeds

Optional Chopped nuts, choose your favorite or use muun chi UPnola or UPsli

When ready to assemble, layer the mango CoCoFir with the fruit, alternating fruit and CoCoFir.  Sprinkle chopped nuts on top.

Enjoy this refreshing parfait as a desert or even as a healthy breakfast.

Makes 4 tall servings :)

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