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Sleepytime Tummy Tea

I’m in Mendocino county amongst redwoods playing with all four grandchildren and my kids… along the pacific coast. Need i say more? yes, I am in heaven.

We’re all here celebrating my nephew‘s wedding. Eating tons of yummy food and dancing! This tea calms the gut and relaxes the muscles.

2-3 organic banana peels, ends discarded

3-4 slices of 1/4 “ fresh ginger

1/2 lemon with rind sliced thin

3 cups water

reserve for later

1/4 golden turmeric Kvass

cinnamon sticks

Simmer the above ingredients for 20 min.

cool to 115 degrees, usually about 5 min

Add your Kvass. Pour into mugs and serve with a cinnamon stick to stir and add antioxidants. Your gut will be happy, your microorganisms will be dancing and your muscles will relax you into a deep sleep. Magnesium and potassium are so good for relaxing you. Enjoy!

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