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Probiotic/prebiotic Cruciferous Bechamel

Over time sauces often mask our the taste of our food. I try and think of sauces that enhance the flavor of our food, and highlight the functional benefits. This sauce is extremely versatile, and can be used on veggies or pasta. I like to make a bunch for the week, and then use it when I find myself in a crunch for time. You may make a lasagne using the sauce, and then warm it up on the day you wish to have a hearty meal.

This recipe makes about 4 cups

1 large cauliflower cut into florets 3-4 cups

1/2 cup CoCoFir or more to your taste and thickness

1 medium yellow onion diced

3 cloves garlic crushed

Steam these four ingredients and when soft take your immersion blender and purée. Or use your food processor if you prefer.

Add garlic and thyme, salt and pepper cooking another 5 minutes.

You may find that adding basil or nutmeg gives it a unique taste depending on the dish you want to prepare. I like to season later depending on the dish. For example, if I'm making a penne with spinach, I'll add basil. If you want it to have a more cheesy flavor, try adding 1/4 cup nutritional yeast. Use this basic sauce to bring out the creative chef in you! Enjoy your happy gut and all the anti-inflammatory benefits.

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