Divine Veggie Stock and a clean fridge

It’s crazy how much stuff grows in my refrigerator bins over time. So on sunday nights I make it a habit to do my dreaded refrigerator clean out. Honestly, when I do it once a week, it’s not so bad. I take all the veggies and parts of veggies that haven’t been eaten over the course of the week, throw them in a large pot, add spring water, and simmer for a couple of hours. The result it absolutely divine. And every week it’s a little different from the week before. I throw in avocado skins and pits, the bottom of the celery stalk, the part of the broccoli stem that was too tough for me to slice into what my grandson calls broccoli stars, and the leaves and stem of the cauliflower head, the greens of my carrot tops, the stems of my beets, the skins of my garlic, even the lemon rinds and orange peels. I strain the broth, compost the remains, and now I have a rich, delicious veggie broth that lasts me the week. I freeze in blocks in my ice cube tray for recipes that just a need a tad extra flavor, or in mason jars for batches of soup or stew....yummmm.

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