A smoothie with a purpose

My daughter, Riki, gave birth to an 8 lb 10 oz boy last night! Her husband Scott was keeping me posted as things developed since only spouses are permitted in the hospital during Covid. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have little Sonny Ray Swindler on this earth with us. My father, who has been trying his best to live to the birth of his 6th great-grand baby is now smiling and quietly waiting for the in-person visit from this tiny blessing. I am filled with so many emotions as the celebration of life surrounds me.

Today’s recipe is simple. I’ve been collecting recipes to make for Riki to enhance her lactation. The avocado is a wonderful addition to her diet. It is packed with fiber and wonderful fats. The fat in avocados are great for your baby’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins which in turn are beneficial for the baby’s brain development.

1 c. frozen berries - I love blueberries as they are so high in antioxidants, but feel free to use any fruit

1/2 c. muun chi CoCoFir

1 small ripe banana frozen is awesome but doesn’t have to be

1/2 a small avocado

1 knob of fresh ginger

Blend these ingredients together, toss in some hemp seeds and ground flax, you’ve got yourself a yummy smoothie that is packed with antioxidants, fiber and probiotic goodness!

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