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Protein Crackers

Protein Crackers


Upcycled organic almond pulp is a core ingredient in our raw, grain-free, prebiotic crackers.  No oils or flours in our crackers.  Sprouted quinoa and sunflower seed are excellent sources of protein and fiber in our Protein Cracker.  Fermented lemon and turmeric root add probiotic benefits.

  • Sizes

    Available at the store:

    $3.00 per oz

  • All Ingredients are Organic

    Ingredients: almond pulp*, sprouted quinoa, sprouted sunflower seed, fermented lemon peel*, fermented turmeric root*, fermented chia seed*, muun chi’s fermented coconut milk kefir, ground flax, black pepper,  Himalayan pink salt


    *Upcycled Ingredients

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