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Dr. Bieler’s Broth

Dr. Bieler’s Broth


A modified version of a broth developed by one of the first physicians to treat patients with plant-based therapies. Dr. Henry Bieler viewed this broth/green smoothie as support for the lining of the intestine and the body’s natural detoxification process. To the original recipe, we have added muun chi’s fermented coconut milk kefir for probiotic benefit.



  • Recommended Amount

    For a one-day detox and reset, 8-16 oz for lunch and 16 oz for dinner; no other food during the day for best results. For a week-long detox, 2-4 oz each day taken at the same time of day.

  • Sizes

    16 oz for $10

    32 oz for $18

  • All Ingredients are Organic

    Ingredients: filtered water, parsley, celery, zucchini, green beans, ginger, garlic, muun chi’s fermented coconut milk kefir

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