Red, White and Blue with a little CoCoFir, and lots of love….

Happy Happy 4th of July! We are so blessed to live in America, celebrating our freedom and mix of cultures. My children are all in town, to make sure they spend some time with their grandfather who is flirting with the end of life. How wonderful that we all got to be surrounding him with love and laughter. He managed to hang out with everyone all afternoon, enjoying the hugs and attention.

He’s lost most of his appetite, but managed to find room for CoCoFir dressed up as a 4th of July dessert that I delivered to him Sunday. It’s a simple fruit salad that we used to make in honor of the Red, White and Blue.

Stir 32 oz. of CoCoFir (instead of whipped cream) slightly so it’s nice and fluffy. Set aside.

De-stem a couple pints of strawberries and cut in half. Set aside.

Mix in cut up fresh mint, saving a few mint leaves for garnish.

A couple of pints of blueberries, set aside.

Two sliced bananas, set aside.

In a tall glass bowl, layer your fruit as if to make a large fruit parfait.

From the bottom to the top, layer alternating with CoCoFir.

Strawberries and mint




Strawberries and mint




Strawberries and mint

Top with dollops of CoCoFir and garnish with sprigs of mint

Hello summer! Hello happy gut! Hello Freedom from bloating and the Benefits of fiber, polyphenols and probiotic microorganisms! Happy Fourth Everyone!

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