Decadent and divine....and wait did you say good for you?

I remember making my first cup of real hot chocolate from whole milk and Nestle’s cocoa. It was so much better than the packets of instant hot chocolate that had sugar, dry milk solids and fake marshmallows that you added hot water to. But now that I’m vegan and so much more aware of the dangers of refined sugar and dairy, I created a vegan hot chocolate using muun chi Cacao CoCoFir! Super easy - best if you have a good blender like the Vitamix or the Ninja. The almonds add additional protein and fiber, and can be eliminated if you don’t want your hot cocoa to be thick. This is a thick, rich, frothy hot chocolate without the bloating.

soak about 20 almonds for a few hours or overnight in clean filtered or spring water

drain and discard the water as this water will have tannins and residue. Your soaked nuts will have greater nutrient profile.

2 T muun chi Cacao CoCoFir (you may use the original too, just add more raw cacao)

1/2 - 1 T raw cacao

2 T almond butter

soaked almonds

2 deglet dates or 1 medjool date

Dash of vanilla, cinnamon and pink Himalayan salt

1- 2 c. boiling or hot water, depending on how thick you like your hot cocoa

Blend on high for a minute for a nice frothy delicious hot cocoa that will leave you satiated and happy for the rest of the day. Because this hot cocoa is packed with protein and fiber, no refined sugar or dairy, your gut won’t feel bloated, instead your gut will just be singing:). It will feel like you just treated yourself to a nutritious, delightful meal in a mug. Who says we can’t have yummy AND have it be good for our bodies?

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