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Comforting Detox Celery Soup

This soup is one that does so many wonderful things for you. It's not only yummy, but it's packed with all kinds of great fiber and protein. As we begin the season of renewal, I like to think about ways to remove the old, and bring in the new. Celery, as many of you know, has a ton of positive benefits. It is known to improve memory, blood sugar management, anti-inflammation, heart health... to mention just a few.

Our bodies were naturally designed to detox regularly. This soup is just going to help you reset and help the gut do so in a way that is comforting. It's a lot like reseeding our gardens in the spring, and getting back into the rhythm of our bodies natural ability to detox.

1 T muun chi probiotic vegan butter

1 sweet yellow onion chopped

4 carrots and 4 celery stalks sliced

One handful of garlic cloves (About 5 cloves)

2 inches ginger root (think 1 T per inch)

1 inch turmeric root

2 tsp thyme or rosemary

4 c veggie broth

1 c green lentils

Salt and pepper to taste

1 c chopped cilantro

1 c chopped dandelion

1 c chopped beet top greens

1/2 c muun chi Lemon Chia Pudding

Melt the muun chi butter and then add the onion, celery and carrots. Stir for about 5 minutes until fragrant.

Place your garlic, ginger, turmeric and spices into a blender, or hand chop til fine. Add this to your veggies. Stir for 1 minute before the garlic burns. Add broth, with some salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer. Add the lentils and cover for 30 minutes.

Add the cilantro, beet greens, dandelion and muun chi Lemon Turmeric Pudding. Drink daily for a week and feel the benefits of fiber and protein in tour gut! What a wonderful way to reset and begin a happier, healthier gut.

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