100% organic, hand-crafted, 

plant-based snacks with functional benefits. 

We take the pulp from organic juicers and nut milkers to create delicious snacks and beverages that are good for you and the planet.


muun chi  

(moon chi) 

Plant-based goodness for your body and our Earth

Our Products are Purposeful and Functional
  • Our muun chi Kefirs and Kvass are plant-based probiotics that provide billions of diverse, healthy microorganisms for a happy gut.
  • Our muun chi Chews and Teas provide fiber and nutrients to feed those good bacteria and keep our healthy gut bacteria balanced and strong.

our muun chi


To improve lives and inspire a love for our Earth, by offering organic, plant-based foods and beverages that have functional health benefits.

In our efforts to reduce food waste, we partner with local organic juicers and nut mylkers, upcycling their pulp into nutrient dense, functional prebiotic snacks and companion teas, and probiotic plant-based kefir and kvass.


the muun chi


muun chi was born from a passion for mindful eating and a love for our planet.
The moon symbolizes nature's perfect cycle and is spelled muun to remind us to take care of 'uu'. 
'chi' is life force energy in Chinese medicine.  When we are in harmony with nature and eat foods that are clean and organic, our health is in balance. 
I make muun chi because I know people want snacks made from real clean food - snacks that hove no fillers, no junk, no GMO's, and nothing processed.
We begin with the gut, the foundation of health.  Our muun chi probiotics - plant-based kefir and kvass - populate the gut with billions of microorganisms that help balance the microbiome and eliminate sugar cravings. Our muun chi prebiotic snacks and tea feed the healthy gut bacteria.
All our products are functional, and whereever possible we use upcycled ingredients to help reduce food waste.
Always made with love and gratitude,
mama muun

It's all about the gut.  A happy gut makes all the difference in how you feel.  

muun chi probiotics beverages are free of refined sugars, naturally fermented and all plant-based.  They are packed with billions and billions of great microorganisms that will balance your gut and get you on the path to wellness.  

muun chi prebiotic snacks and teas are nutrient dense and super high in fiber and are designed to feed your healthy gut bacteria.  And the cool thing is that muun chi snacks are mindful of our Earth, and are made from upcycled ingredients that are naturally some of the best fiber around.


“The earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected.  We did not weave the web of life, we are merely strands in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.”

― Chief Seattle



We intentionally use no fillers, no refined sugars, no grains, no soy, no dairy, no GMOs, nothing artificial in handcrafting our muun chi goodness. muun chi are all organic, plant-based ingredients, high in fiber, good for your chi and kind to the planet.

When we eat foods from our organic earth, our chi (Chinese life force energy) is in balance and our bodies naturally heal and no longer depend on drugs and medication to fix ailments caused by products manufactured by modern man for convenience, taste and mass production. 


When we eat clean, we move away from processed ‘foods' that nature did not create nor intend for consumption.

Most or our products are made from upcycled pulp of local organic cold pressed juicers.  The peels of bananas and oranges are packed with vitamins and minerals.  By rescuing what is typically thrown away, and creating foods that are high in fiber, rich in nutrients and fun to eat, we reduce food waste, and increase awareness of our bodies’ need for fiber and to be mindful of our landfills.  

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muun chi teas are the only teas made from local upcycled ingredients, which helps with the deforestation problems that many teas are contributing to, while at the same time helping to reduce food waste.  And because they are naturally fresh from nature, and our commitment to zero sugars, they are slightly sweet just by being organic and real.  

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